• The Creative Media Zone (CMZ) provides services to ALL current HKUST students, faculty and staff;
  • Users are responsible for the legitimacy of content produced and the copyright clearance of materials reproduced in CMZ;
  • Self-access facilities in Graphics Space and AV Editing Suites are maintained by CMZ Service Counter during office hours and LC Information Desk during LC hours;
  • Access to AV Editing Suites requires prior online booking, Access key is obtainable from the CMZ Service Counter or LC Info Desk;
  • Activities in Media Product Studio and AV Control Room require Prior Booking by e-mail with Booking Form (CMZ 02/2018) and technical support by MTPC staff; Maximum number of user : 5;
  • In promoting responsible use of facilities, if there is 10 minutes late to the scheduled time, the reservation is no longer in force and the whole time slot will be allocated to other users when necessary AND if a no-show report is recorded, booking right of the student/ the team/ the society of the application will be suspended for two weeks;
  • However, studio booking can be cancelled by mail to CMZ ( 24 hours before the scheduled time;
  • Priority will be given to courses, activities of student society, and training organized/ co-organized by CMZ.

Opening Hours

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, CMZ opening hours will be modified as needed.

  • Graphics Space and AV Editing Suites: LC opening hours
  • CMZ Counter Service Hours: 9:00am1:00pm; 2:00pm5:30pm (Mon to Fri)
  • Media Production Studio and Control Room: 9:00am – 1:00pm; 2:00pm - 5:00pm (closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays) *1-2pm lunch hour without technical support or access

Production Materials

Users can bring their own materials for graphic and media production (e.g. paper, ring binder), Octopus Card is accepted for purchase of consumable available in CMZ.

Material Price

Size(A4)/ Per CopyPrice (HK$)

Plastic Ring Bind
10 mm1.0
14 mm1.5
16 mm2.0
20 mm2.5
25 mm3.0
29 mm3.5
38 mm4.0
51 mm4.5

Wire-O Bind
5/16”(8 mm)5.0
7/16”(11 mm)5.0
9/16”(14 mm)5.0

Book Cover (for binding)
Plastic Clear Cover1.5
310 gsm Card Board0.5
480 gsm Card Board2.0

Size(4R)/ Per CopyPrice (HK$)

Photo Printing
ID Photo - 8pics
size: 4.5H x 3.5Wcm
ID Photo - 6pics
size: 5H x 4Wcm

Equipment Loan

Video and Photographic Production Accessories (Jul 2018)

  • Boom Microphone–Azden/ Audio Technica   (x7)
  • Clip Microphone   (x15)
  • Tripod   (x12)
  • Microphone Extension Cable   (x15)
  • Canon Speedlite 320EX Flash   (x2)
  • DJI OSMO Mobile 2   (x2)
  • Clip Mic for Smart Phone: Audio-technical-ATR3350iS*   (x5)
  • Boom Mic for Smart Phone: RODE-VideoMicMe*   (x2)

*Please download app before connect the mic to smart phone
  Android : cinema FV-5 Lite  
  i-phone : ProMovie

Equipment Loan Policy

General Guidelines

  • Start from 1 Feb 2018, Video and Photographic Production Accessories are available to UST current users.
  • Digital Camera and Video will be reserved for CMZ activities ONLY.
  • The checking out and checking in of equipment is limited to CMZ Service Counter opening hours;
  • The loan service requires borrower present his/her HKUST Student/Staff ID card for verification;
  • All equipment that is checked out must be thoroughly inspected for damage and/or missing parts and accessories. Notify the CMZ Service Counter if there is a problem before leaving the counter;

Checkout Periods

  • Equipment must be returned by the person who borrowed the equipment. CMZ will inform the equipment collection and return date and time;
  • Each checkout period lasts 10 calendar days, and can be renewed another 10 working days by completing the loan process in CMZ counter in person BEFORE due date;

Late Fees, Damages, and Loss

  • Borrower should report to the CMZ Service staff immediately about broken or malfunctioning equipment. Don’t leave the problem unfixed or continue using it. This may course further damages;
  • Failure to return any items from a checkout on or before the due date will result in a late fee;
  • Overdue notice will be emailed to the borrower;
  • Overdue items will be charged at HK$2/ item/ day;
  • Also, damage or loss of item/s from a checkout may require the student to pay for the item/s' repairing or replacement costs;
  • Late fee payment must be settled in full and in person to the CMZ Service Counter staff during its opening hours. Only Octopus Card is accepted for the payment;
  • No additional checkouts can occur until previous checkouts are returned, late fee, repairing or replacement costs are resolved;
  • Borrower cannot personally purchase or provide replacement items;
  • Unreturned checkouts, unpaid fees or repairing/replacement costs will be reported to the instructor or related office for follow-up action.