Exploring VR @CMZ

Different Virtual Reality (VR) exploration tools and software like Tilt Brush, Google Earth, theBlu, and more are now available in CMZ.

You can try 3D creation, virtual tour of great cities & scenic spots around the world, or adventure in deep ocean.

Book a time at CMZ counter 2358 6051

10:00am – 12:00noon  
2:30pm -  4:30pm

(Mon–Fri, closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holiday)

AV Production

Chroma key green background
Studio lighting, sound and intercom systems
Video tripod

Digital Photography

Cyclorama studio for white infinity background
Table-top setting, tripod, tungsten lights, soft boxes, electronic flashes, copy stands, and color backdrops

3D Video Screening

3D HD Projector
3D Blu-ray and media player
7.1 Sound System
3D goggle

AV Control Room

Video encoding system
Video mixer
Audio recorder, mixer, headphone and microphone